Stone Mountain

To kind of celebrate the end of our second week here (I had halftime last wednesday), Hans and I did a little BBQ at the Hotel. We went to the Kröger Supermarket and bought some deliciuos, tender Steak and Shrimps, BBQ Ribs, Vegetables, Wine and Beer. Since the weather did not look that stable we only did the BBQ at the gas grill near the pook and had the dinner itself in the apartment. It was pretty warm and mild (24C / 74F) but they expected some rain that evening. It was not just rain. In a neighbour county they had a Tornado Warning and we had a severe Thunderstorm warning. It was raining like crazy. Stormy, rain… The night was not that quiet. But anyway. It was weekend, so I wont complain.

After a nice breakfast we just decided to make a easy day. Instead of going to Stone Mountain we decided to not go in this wet weather. We went shopping into some big Malls. That was more relaxing.

The night from Saturday to Sunday was not good at all. I could not sleep. Not because of rain or a couple that celebrates their honeymoon. No some neighbour next room had some severe Healthproblems. In the night I suddenly heard around 4 am a woman shouting and a man breathing not very healthy. Some minutes later I heard the ambulance coming and then they helped them. I don’t know how the person is doing, but this experience kept me awake a while.

After a nice talk with my family (I miss them soooo much), Hans and I did again a breakfast in his room.

Theweather was fantastic today. Blue sky, just some little clouds and temps in the mit 50s. It was very windy but that was ok. After the nice drive to Stone Mountain Park we walked around. Stone Mountain is the third largest Monolith worldwide and solid granite. See Wikipedia for more info:

The park is nice with a little historic town, a train, cable car… After looking around we took the train to get to the walk up trail. That is also a nice little ride around the rock with some very nice views. After we arrived we started to walk up the trail. It is a 1.3 Miles trail up to 1683 feet. We had also a funny experience. A young couple was walking in front of us. The girl just had a very short skirt. Due to the high winds this skirt was more up than down, so they changed the skirt to short. Was funny. See a short Video from the Top of Stone Mountain

The view was spectacular up there. We saw the skyline of Atlanta and the surrounding areas. It was beautiful, very windy but worth the walk. After a little rest up there we went down with the Sky Ride cable car (swiss made), since our Adventure Pass covered all that. We walked around once more and wathced a hammersmith doing his hard work.


Was very interesting. Outside the historic town you could also see a Monster Truck. It was possible to take a ride on the back also. But 10USD for a 2 minute ride around the parking lot was too much for me. I took some pictures, took a video of the truck taking off with the nice V8 Sound and that was it. We finised the day at the Outback Steakhouse (with blooming onion and Steaks). See a little Video of the Monster Truck

Picture are here in this new Slideshow: STONE MOUNTAIN SHOW

C ya soon


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