Baby Back Ribs

It is my last night in Atlanta. Very soon I will be back home with my family. So it was time to go to a very good BBQ Restaurant with the colleagues Phil, Marty, Dave, Hans and Phil’s son. We went to Williamson Bros BBQ. I guess it was good, that we went to this place now, after three weeks. Otherwise we would have been there more often, and that is not good 🙂

Work was done and we took off. Driving north on Cobb Pkwy. and right at the hug Chicken from KFC. A few hundered meters on the left was the BBQ Restaurant. It was already smelling delicious on the outside. You could smell the smoke… hmmmmm. After getting inside we also saw the tons of meat in the BBQ grill.

It took just a few minutes to decide what we want to eat. No big discussion. I ordered the full rack of Baby Back Ribs. Hans as well. The others had some smaller portions. But that was ok. We only had a small breakfast and only salad for lunch (yes, only salad, I know that is pretty unbelieveable for someone like me, but I am not 25 anymore 🙂  )

When the ribs came it was soooo delcious. I finished them in a short time. They just disappeared and only some bones were left over. After we payed our bill we drove back to the Hotel in our 3L V6 SUV Mercury Mariner. Good car, but the 200HP are not enough for this big car.

I packed my suitcase and I am not glad to go home tomorrow. I hope that Delta and Air France will be on time and my luggage will arrive together with me and not a few days later. Next stop – home

C ya

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