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Sonntag, August 31st, 2008


Today it was a normal day, but with just 30C with lots of clouds. So we decided to make a trip to Micropolis. That is not a little french town, but a intersting educational world. Insect world. You can see, feel the world of insects. There is a outside area where the insects have your size, or the size of a labrador retriever dog and you can imagine how it’s like to be a insect or the inside world where thousands of insects, alive or dead can be seen. The webpage is available at:
To get there we had to drive through wonderful areas north of Montpellier. from 20m(60ft) above sealevel to more than 800m (2400ft). Across the Viaduct de Millau. All together that was a wonderful sunday with the family. At home we finished with a little bycicle tour near our home with Jonathan and Fabian. Jonathan now also drives Bycicle like a maniac. He got a new little kids Moutainbike and drives great. Helmet and gloves, he is doing fine. A bientot

Vacation is over

Samstag, August 30th, 2008

That’s it. Three weeks of vacation are over now. That was really fast. After this weekend the normal way of life is back again. School, work… The weeks were nice. We visited our families in germany, drove more than 2000 miles in those 3 weeks. I admit that driving on the german Autobahn with more than 120 MPH is nice, but it is too crowded in germany on the Autobahn. Driving with 80PMH is relaxing and easy on the french highways. Since there is a toll to pay the Highways are not that crowded.
In germany we went to the baptism of Juliane Mia (from Dagmars sister Kerstin), we had several BBQs with friends and family and we did our yearly Family Photo on the steps of our house. Since we moved into our house in 2004 we take pictures each August/September. It is not always easy, because the Kids sometimes do not do what we expect but that makes it really funny.

Here is the latest 2008 Family Picture:


This is a collage of the past pictures:


Here in france, the weather is nice as usual. Hot, sunny and we can really enjoy. Several friends already visited us here and this will continue. The little Clio is also running great with the same good mileage of 37MPG. More pictures from the last weeks can be found on my Webpage:

Have fun and a bientot The Engelkahles

New Youtube Videos uploaded

Freitag, August 8th, 2008

I just uploaded some new videos on Youtube and I splitted the SchwobaCup Video into two parts that can be watched on Youtube now. I don’t care if many people watch it, they are just for fun 🙂

Schwobacup Part 1 and 2:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Aquarium Mare Nostrum Montpellier:

OCC Orange County Choppers & V-Force Customs:

SchwobaCup 2008 Video online

Dienstag, August 5th, 2008

After attending successfully (finished 7th place) the 2nd International SchwobaCup Young – and Oldtimer Rallye on July 6th I have generated a 21minute Video (160MB) in Windows Media Format (WMV) with pictures and Videofootage of this nice event.

Take a look (klick the picture or go directly to: )


Swimming & Golf

Sonntag, August 3rd, 2008

if that was really Golf what we tried today. I am not sure. But every sunday there are free Golf lessons here at our Hotel. So Fabi and Philipp came with me to practice a little bit. It was hot and sunny. Together with lots of other people we tried to hit the golfball and also putt into the holes later. Not as easy as it looks. Some balls flew near the 100m mark, but sometimes the grass we hit flew further than the ball (5m for the ball and 10m for the grass). If this will be my Hobby in the near future I am not really sure about that, but I have more time to try it. Of course we also went to the beach and the pool. Was a lot of fun. Jonathan is doing fine in his swimming suit and he is less and less scared and tries swimming very well. Fabian is more quiet but that is ok.