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Climbing and tons of rain

Montag, Oktober 20th, 2008


Wow, how time goes by. My first year in france is almost over. October…

The Kids are feeling very comfortable and happy now in france and in the school. Daggie and I enjoy the weekends with the kids. Last weekend we had some fun at a fun playground for kids and adults. It was a area where lots of trees are connected together with ropes, nets, logs… You wear a harness and connect carabiners to safety ropes and climb up in the trees. At the beginning Jonathan was not very happy. But after he finished the beginner trial he was not going away 🙂
Fabian was also busy climbing in the trees, he also climbed higher than I did. It was very exhausting but also a lot of fun, we will definitely go back there.

Today was a normal working day. Well, that changed at noon. It started to rain a lot. It was pooring down. October is usually the wet month here in Montpellier. The first weeks in October were pretty dry,

so it had to start one day. That was today. It was raining a lot. After work we said goodbye to Clive and Karen. Clive is a colleague from the UK and he helped and tought me a lot. After that I tried to go home as fast as possible. Unfortunately it was busy everywhere. Highway was blocked and small roads had also huge traffic jams. All because of the rain. It was flooding the small river beds and also the big ones. Small creeks or rivers turned to huge rivers and little lakes. The Roads where flooded at some places at blocked by the police. My little road from Maugio to Baillargues was also flooded and some cars have missed the road and dropped down the small shoulders on the roads. After one hour (usually 20 minutes) I was back home. In Stuttgart it usually does not rain that heavy, but the results of snow in Stuttgart and heavy rain in Montpellier are similar. Accidents, blocked roads and long travel time.
The Kids took some pictures of the heavy rain. Take a look and enjoy

A Bientot

– The Engelkahles