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Friends are visiting

Montag, Mai 12th, 2008

Our first real visitors came last weekend to stay at our apartment. The kids were very happy to have their friends coming and we enjoyed it a lot. We had some Dinkelacker Beer from Stuttgart, BBQ.. It was not as hot as it is right now in germany (well, they still had snow four weeks ago) but it was mild and warm. But the cold 5 Liter keg of beer was delicious. Something else than just wine.

Steaks from the french race Charolais were smooth and other delicious meats made their way on the grill.

On sunday our friends continued to go to spain and we enjoyed the rest of the sunday.

A bientot


Freitag, Mai 9th, 2008

Yesterday on May 8th was a french holiday. Related to May 8th 1945.

So we enjoyed that free, sunny, mild day here. It was not as hot and sunny as it is right now in germany, but that is ok (they had still snow 4 weeks ago). Doing BBQ, running around in shorts, Shirt and barefoot was very relaxing. We also did some funny pictures. I took some of them and made a little collage. Click on the image and get a bigger PDF file opened in a new window.

A bientot

Minigolf and more tanning in the sun

Sonntag, Mai 4th, 2008

Again we were able to enjoy the gorgeous weather here and we drove to the beach. I never went to a beach in may and never before I was swimming in the Mediterranean sea. So it happened today. Pictures say more than words. So take a look:

Min Golf


Of course it was mandatory for the kids to be „burried“ in the warm sand. They enjoyed it a lot.

On the beach again, and in the water

Samstag, Mai 3rd, 2008

What a wonderful sunny, warm day. Beautiful enough to drive to the beach after a delicious breakfast with bacon and eggs (done on the BBQ Grill, yes electric but cool, since friday now with a griddle and a rolling cart). We wanted to go minigolfing, but the sun and the beach kept us on the beach. It was so nice. The kids had their little kites, a present from aunt Kerstin, and they enjoyed them flying in the wind. After a while of collecting stones, shells and wood the kids decided to go into the water. Yes, into the water and it is beautifully warm, about 20C (72F). Very mild. So the kids were playing until their clothes were wet. We were able to dry some stuff but not all. So we took off instead of going golfing.


A short trip to a supermarket to buy some icecream and now we are doing our dinner (also on the Q140 electric BBQ Grill from Weber, a good substitute until we are back home).


We also uploaded some pictures from our SWR3 BBQ time on May 1st and from today. See the SlideShow

Freitag abend / Friday evening

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

Endlich ist es Freitag. Wir geniessen den sonnigen, warmen abend. Finally it is friday and we are enjoying the sunny, warm evening.

Mobile BLOG active

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

In case I am travelling around the globe and I find something very interesting and/or my PC is not near me I activated my Mobile BLOG. With my Sony Ericsson K530i phone I can take pictures and directly upload it to a Blogger Blog that imports the entries here in this BLOG. Direct Link to my MOBILE BLOG. So enjoy.

My "future" new car

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

Renault Clio – is going to be my new french car in the summer

My „future“ new car

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

Renault Clio. This is going to be my new french car in the summer.

Mobile BLOG active

Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

Now it is online. Additionally to our regular France BLOGs we added the Mobile BLOG to add pictures „On the run“ when we are somewhere in the world and have no PC nearby to upload pictures. Now we can use our Sony Ericsson K530i to upload pics. It won’t happen daily since the upload is still not very cheap. But from time to time we will use this new stuff. In the meantime our regular BLOGs: (german) (english)
are active and up to data. These Mobile entries will be imported also to the regular BLOGs.

The Engelkahles