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The 1st Trimester

Mittwoch, Dezember 3rd, 2008

Now Fabian and Jonathan finished their first Trimester in the 2008/2009 Schoolyear. Wow, how fast time goes. Dagmar and I are very proud of our boys. Fabian finishes his tests now with good results. In english he is pretty good in grammar (Ray calls him Mr. Grammar) and in french he is good in maths. Bruno and Ray are pretty impressed of his progress.

Jonathan is also happy in his pre-school. His first tests were also very successfull. Yeah, tests in preschool, that is normal here. He is very good in english, also numbers and in french he is improving. The teachers love the little guy. Both boys are going to school with a smile and they have found some friends (mostly english speaking).

Proud parents and proud kids, we just needed some time and patience

School, golf, bike and new friends

Sonntag, März 9th, 2008

What a exciting week. Fabian had his first experience at the international school. It was not easy, that is for sure, but it is better now. Since all the Kids had to write tests the whole week, we made a deal, that he could stay home and if he wants he can come to school and participate. So on friday he went to the Golf class. Ray, the english teacher took the class to our Golf course and they could practice there with Olivier, the instructor. The Kids were happy to see Fabian again and Pierre, a kid from his class, was glad to play in the same team as Fabian. Pierre also played with Jonathan, since I came with him to the class to help Fabian. It was very cute how they all played. Golf was really cool and Fabian was happy after that lesson.

Dagmar and I also had our first french lesson with Estelle. She is a very good, patient language trainer and she gave us a very nice, interesting lesson. Every Wednesday and Monday we will now have french lessons.

After my first days at work I was happy to enjoy the weekend with my family. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. Best of all was the fact, that we now have new Neighbours/Friends. Another german arrived with his family and they also have two Kids in almost the same age as Fabian and Jonathan. They will also go to the same school. Holger and Ute were also very happy to know, that we are here and so we can share our experience and our kids have it a little easier. The kids met each other saturday morning and played the whole day like they were friends already for years. It was amazing. We just stopped them for a short time to buy a bicycle for Daggie. In the past a totally stupid sales guy sold he a 28inch Bike. That is totally wrong for her height of less than 1.60m. So we found one with 26inch frame, V-Brakes, suspension fork… at Decathlon for a very good price. Dagmar loved the design too, so we are all ready to go now. Unfortunately the weather is not good today, we have some rain.

After the shopping Ute, Holger and Kids came to our Apartment. Ute cooked some delicious food and we had Dinner together and we talked for hours. The kids were playing the whole time. It was sooo great. We are all happy now about this new situation. We are looking forward to have more days like that. More to come… A bientot

Fabian`s first day at school

Montag, März 3rd, 2008

It was different today. Fabian had his first day at the International School. It is not easy to feel comfortable in a new school, in a different country with no friends and no foreign language skills (besides a little english). But with Mama Dagmar, Brother Jonathan and Daddy Marc it was a little easier but not totally satisfying for Fabian. Since the kids at school have write examns this first week after the holidays it is boring for Fabian. Bruno, his teacher talked also in german, but Fabian was not really happy at all and was sitting in the room with some tears in the eyes. But the kids in his class were all pretty nice and gave him a warm welcome. After having some mathematics together with Daddy Fabian went to his first break. Immediately some girls (Karla, Rebecca and Karla) came and talked to him. Little Karla is german and speaks german and translated between french and german. That was really cute.

Just before the lunch break the class had also GERMAN. That was the first time Fabian really warmed up and smiled. The other Kids were asking Fabian questions. Teacher Karla helped them and so we mastered the first part of Fabian first school day. In the lunch break Fabian and Daddy went home to Mama Dagmar and Jonathan. Mama was preparing lunch and waiting desperately for Fabian. She was so excited and feeling together with Fabian.

After the break Daddy could not stay in the class with Fabian. But the german Teacher and Bruno made a deal. Since the kids write tests and Fabian can’t really learn something he will be picked up after one hour at 2pm by Daddy. So he was happy. Since they found out the CM2 class is too tough for Fabian he moved to the class with little Karla, that translates a little bit from french to german.

That will help Fabian. It was a tough, exciting day for all of us and we will look forward how it develops.