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Circuit de Catalunya

Sonntag, September 21st, 2008

Hola. Together with my little family we drove in the little Renault Clio from Baillargues to Montmelo in Spain. Circiut de Catalunya. Famous Race  Track. 30km / 20 miles east of Barcelona. This weeken was the DTM Race ( ) , this is the German Touring Car Championship. Since Fabian wanted to go to the race itself this year, not the qualifying, I bought tickets for the best seats and Paddock entry.
Well, the weatherforecast was bad since days. Rain, Thunder… 80 percent probability of rain. But today we had lots of luck. The clouds were blown away and the rain was coming down at the pyrenees. The trip to the race track was beautiful. Blue sky, sunny weather, beautiful sightseeing. The first time for us to drive to Spain. The little Clio was very economic again. Only 5.5L / 100km, 42.7MPG. The gasprices in spain are also low. Only 1.16 Euro for a liter. In France it is between 1.35 and 1.51 Euro.


Thanks to some earplugs, the kids, Dagmar and I enjoyed the race. We went to the pit with our tickets, saw some livebands and smelled the tires and gas. Our seating was directly at the Finishing line, so we had a very good view to the track and the pit.Paul di Resta (Mercedes) won , second was Timo Scheider (Audi) and third was Bernd Schneider (Mercedes).
Dagmar enjoyed her first carrace and Fabi and Jona enjoyed it as well. They already went to some races 🙂

Pictures are here: 
Video from the race (54MB , 768×576 Pixel):

Video is coming soon. A bientot


Sonntag, September 14th, 2008

Playing with cars is fun. Thats why we took some diecast models from the CARS Movie and a Hoodz car to shoot some pics. Enjoy



and a little movie (14MB,320×288 Pixel) or (32MB,768×576 Pixel) with pictures from August/September and music from Christophe Maé


Riding with a bicycle to the horse

Samstag, September 13th, 2008


Since Jonathan has his new bicycle and he rides it like a rocket we made a little bicycle tour in windy but mild weather. About 6 miles along the fields and wineyards. Last week we saw a white horse and we wanted to meet it again a feed some apples. So we bought some apples and a mudguard for Jonathans bike. After a nice rain on thursday he drove through all puddles he found and looked very dirty. Now with the new feature installed it doesn’t matter anymore.
Fabian and Dagmar were the first at the horse and gave the first apple. The horse liked it a lot. So Jonathan gave the second. I gave some leftovers. Even with the strong winds the kids drove very good and it was a lot of fun, see the pictures 🙂 






Full House

Montag, September 8th, 2008


We had another reason to do a BBQ. Lots of friends and colleagues from germany were in Montpellier this week. To meet everyone we invited them. Since many people went shopping with an empty stomach we had lots of meat to put on the BBQ Grill. Nobody went home hungry 🙂 We also celebrated a birthday and we had lots of fun…. See the pictures 




Fondue, hot Stone and Pictures

Sonntag, September 7th, 2008

The first week of september was full of nice and funny things. Several colleagues from all around Europe were there and also some friends from Fabian‘ s school were here to visit us.  Since the first day at school was on tuesday and wednesdays is off, the kids enjoyed it a lot to play together. Sigrun and Olaf took care also of Fabian and Jonathan. So Dagmar and I were able to meet the colleagues in Montpellier to go to a Fondue Restaurant. That was delicious. It is hot as well in the restaurant with all the pots filled with hot oil…But nice. Hans and Heidi also visited us several times . So we went together with Sigrun, Olaf, Yannik and Gregor to the „Le Galion“ Restaurant in historic Aigues-Mortes. You can have your food cooked on a hot stone there, directly at your table. Fish or meat.

The first part of the weekend was cloudy. After a really strong Thunderstorm on Thursday night with humid, warm temperatures we used the time to update the webpages of Fabian and Jonathan with Pictures from 2007. 2008 will come soon. Check out the pictures:

Fabian’s homepage: or pics directly at:

Jonathan’s homepage: or pics directly at: 

Today we used the sunny and mild weather to make a little bicycle tour. Jonathans’s first one with his new little bike. We made a 9km trip through the close, quiet neighbourhood and the wineyards. He managed it very good. Was his first trip with real traffic. See you soon